In the South African medical practice it is of critical importance to manage the risk of unpaid accounts. Few other industries have such an administrative burden, with a complex funding system from third parties.


We attempt to free the practitioner from these burdens and at the same time to limit your risk by:


1. Payment of your total fees billed (including COID) within 30 days after month end, less our
management fee.
2. No bad debts.
3. 24 hour live access for your personnel to your accounts.
4. Flexibility to address your specific needs.
5. Professional management of your patients accounts

Our flexible options give you the choice to manage your practice the way you want. For instance, you may decide to process your own accounts, which would then lower our management fee. Our options are as flexible as you can propose.

An added advantage to our services is the improved control of your practice by:

1. Providing an audit trail to you on a monthly basis, reflecting all transactions with your patients.
2. Segregation of duties, ensuring the same person does not perform all the tasks, thus limiting the risk of
theft and embezzlement.
3. You approve every write-off, thus retaining the right to decide who gets handed over or not.
4. Regular audits of your cash receivable cycle, completeness of charges (do you bill all the codes you are
entitled to?) as well as coding.

Various benefits exist of which the following are only to list a few :


  1. Improved cash flow
2. Professional service to your patients
3. No bad debt risk
4. No other costs associated with recovery of your debtors. We pay your Edi, software, network costs,
telephone costs associated with the collecting of accounts, paper and printing collection
fees from
attorney's etc.
5. If you choose to be linked to our 24 hour network you receive free email and internet.

The management fees are calculated based on the turnover and risk profile of your practice. If your practice grows or the risk lowers, your management fee also decreases. The management fee is also deductible from tax and if you are registered as a VAT vendor, you can claim back the VAT on it.

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